Carp day

Carp fishing Catching a carp on a conventional fishing rod is one of the most exciting fishing that I know. And in those two fishing, about which I now tell you, I had fun for glory.

It was the middle of summer. July. All the beginning of the month, I caught a good carp near the strip of reeds in the corner of the lake. But for the last three days the biting was very weak. However, I persisted and went that day for another evening fishing.

Evening fishing in the summer, I begin no earlier than six in the evening. On a hot day the fish is passive, but towards evening everything changes. After spending half an hour without a single bite, I left the place, which had recently brought the result and went to the middle of the lake along the dam.

On the dam I met my friend and teacher Uncle Volodya, an experienced local fisherman. He was, as always, not verbose, but he told me that at the other end of the lake the locks were slightly opened and a light stream appeared. I did not need any other information. I thanked the teacher and quickly headed for the prospective district.

The fact is that the appearance of even a small current in a standing pond, necessarily activates the fish. I myself have seen this more than once.

When I went to the wall of reeds at the lock, I found that six or seven fishermen bent over the rods. Another good sign. Passing all the fishermen, I settled in the very last place, under the big aspen. On the left, the lake narrowed and here was somewhat smaller than that of the reeds, but there everything was occupied by other fishermen and I did not have to choose.

Unwrap one fishing rod, first measure the depth. Here about 1.5 meters and immediately caught the current, which smoothly took down the float, until I made sure that the sinker was lying on the bottom. Having healed a large ball from mixture No. 5 (a special recipe for crumb of loaf with seeds), I throw the tackle. I just started to unwind the second fishing rod, but after glancing at the water … I did not find the float first. Cutting, and carpies in 400 grams, after a short voyage is already on the shore. A great start.

Unwind the second fishing rod that evening I was never given. Bites of carp followed one by one. The float did not have time to descend, as the carp grabbed the loaf and floated literally out of the water. The carp grabbed somewhere on the floor of the water, preventing the nozzle from reaching the bottom. I have not seen such a carp zhora yet.

Fishermen, sitting on the opposite shore, without a single bite, just fought in hysterics. There was a tension in my neighbor’s right. He kept following me when I unloaded the next carp ashore. I had no time 🙂

Less than an hour fishing and 13 carp from 300 to 800 grams. I caught as much as all the fishermen put together. And all thanks to the fact that he hit, just in the head of the carp flock, released into running water. But, the nozzle was over and it was already getting dark. It was time to calm down and return home, prepare for the morning exit here.

Morning brought 16 carpies, although for 4 hours of fishing. But I was pleased. The guidance of the experienced uncle Volodya and the current in the stagnant lake did their job.