Catching carp in the july heat

Carp fishing in july July was in full swing. Each time, passing through the dam of the lake, I saw how big carps jumped out of the cane wall, then garlands of bubbles from living fish are seen. You could just lick or … take up mowing :).

Yes, there really was a way out. If there is no normal access to water – it must be done, or rather cut through. I already had experience in such matters and decided in the next few days to make a place in these reeds.

It was necessary to break through the two-meter wall of a deaf coastal cane. And then, make a window in the nettle, which completely splashed this part of the lake. The task is complicated, but I really wanted to get my carp. It took an evening to prepare the place. First a reed came under the knife. When access to the water was punched, I used a rake without a pole on a rope and made in a continuous weave of algae a window somewhere 3×3 m.

Immediately I fed a bit of granulated mixed fodder and left to calm down. A couple of days a place had to be given up. On occasion, I came here to feed.

And then came the morning of the first fishing in a new place. I got out early. It was just light, when I was already unwinding the fishing rods on the shore. Preliminary preparation is the key to success. I’ve always known this.

I caught two float fishing rods with fine equipment. The nozzle on one was a worm per line and perch, on the second – a crumpled loaf for carp and crucian carp. In the first fishing in the prepared place – 7 carpikov on 400-600 g and two small molts. Not bad.

With about the same success passed my fishing for the whole next week. On the hottest day, when the temperature went up in the afternoon for 34 in the shade, I was lucky enough to catch a good carp. He pecked at the worm. As usual, he raised the float. It immediately became clear that he had taken the cobbler. The situation was complicated by the fact that around the window – continuous thickets. It was impossible to give the carp there to move. However, the fish rushed to the shore, into the reeds. It was an unexpected maneuver. I do not even know how I managed to pierce the carp through the reeds – 3.5 kg, mirror. Record of the season! Here’s to you the hottest day of summer…