Catching the tench on an elastic band

tench This story happened when I was still studying at the first courses of the institute. Summer holidays, as always took place on my favorite lake. Then I did not yet have a boat (scary to imagine). Guys on boats then very badly caught carp and tench, but I, from the shore – things did not go very well. But I found a way out.

The problem was precisely in the range of casting. The fishing rod, even with a reel, did not reach the main channel. And at that time the fish, as an evil, concentrated there. I decided to use a tackle that I had avoided before, a donk with a rubber shock absorber, or simply an “elastic band”.

I’m not particularly fond of catching an elastic band, it’s pretty passive tackle and with it a lot of trouble. But gum has its fans. And in that situation – she was my only chance to catch.

About how the rubber band works and how to mount it yourself – I’ll write a separate post in the near future. And now, about fishing.

And so, I made myself an elastic band and went for morning fishing. To the cherished crook I decided to get off the shallows. Poplars rose above this shore. The shadow from them covered most of the shallows. It was under these poplars that I settled.

On my luck, I met my friend Uncle Volodya by the shore. He was just pumping the boat and he was going to help me bring the rubber band. It’s always better than throwing it by hand.

And now my tackle is installed. The last hook lay down just at the level of the stump in the depth. The remaining two – settled on the shallows. Uncle Volodya swam to his position, and I hung on the fishing line a flag-plummet from a split piece of a twig, hooked the hooks of worms and waited.

The vast shallows that lay before me, overgrown with a rare nettle. Here and there the first rays of the sun showed on the surface of a garland of bubbles coming from the bottom. This fish went to feed.

Beeches began. That morning I took only tench. I put on the distant hook and a loaf and potatoes, but pecked exclusively on two short hooks with worms. Moults were good, around 300-400 g. As the elastic band is not so sensitive to recognize the traditional chewing of the nozzle line – the bite was manifested only at the final chord. The signaling device fell and it was necessary to immediately cut it.

For a long time I did not catch as many selective lines as at that time. With a little less success, but also not bad I caught in this place tench some more fishing. And all on an elastic band.