Crucian for long-range fishing rod

Crucian for long-range fishing rod I have always considered the Fishing Rod for long casting (UDZ), one of the most lethal gear in standing ponds. In today’s post, I’ll tell you how this tackle helped me out on a single not simple lake fishing.

It was the middle of June. The lake located nearby became the object of my experiments for the next week. I’ve been fishing on this pond for many years, and I knew that the lake was decaying decently by this time. To count on successful fishing it was necessary to select the place of catching carefully, prepare it (clean it from the grass) and feed it. And only after that go to the fishing proper.

So I did. In the morning, but rather late, about 7, I went to the lake. I took with me only a rake without a pole, tied to a long rope and a little feed for preliminary bait.

There were several anglers on the pond. As it turned out, the May activity of freshwater inhabitants was asleep, and now it’s very tight with the biting. Three lousy tails on the whole coast – a lamentable result. But I was not very upset. After all, all the fishermen used ordinary telescopic fishing rods with small coils and accordingly caught no further than 7-8 meters from the shore. On my side there was an excellent knowledge of the relief of the bottom of the lake and the tackle I intended to catch – a rod for long-distance casting.

The fact is that the most interesting fossa and depressions in depth in this lake were located 15-20 meters from the shore. Naturally, UDZ gave me clear advantages in this regard. So, the fiasco of the rest of the fishing fraternity did not disappoint me much and I began to pick up a place for myself.

My choice fell on one, very interesting place under the shadow of spreading willows. High crowns of trees tightly closed overhead, while leaving a decent space for catching. Left to the place of catching was an extensive grassy bank. On the right there was a channel groove. And right, somewhere in 12 meters from the shore, a fairly large pit began, with a depth of 3 meters against the background of 2-2.5 m surrounding. And that morning, at the level of the pit, there were rare garlands of bubbles coming from the bottom. The fish were obviously feeding there.

The overgrowth of the bottom was average and I did not scrub the algae so as not to disturb the place. Only made two small paths in the direction of the pit and on its slopes. He fell asleep mixed feed and went back home, to prepare the gear.

Early in the morning, I went to a familiar lake to fish a peaceful fish. The sun only lightly illuminated the strip in the east, and I was already laid out on the shore. The fishing rod for long casting is a simple tackle, but requires competent and delicate handling. I arranged on the shore coasters for two rods, collected gear, threw some bait, adjusted the level of floats in depth. My calculation was that I would throw my miracle fishing rods at 13-14 meters, just in the area of ​​the pit slope, where fish usually concentrate.

The dung worm and mixture No. 5 served as a nozzle. I was counting on the bites of carp, large carp and tench. So, the worm seemed a more suitable attachment. Moreover, it was only mid-June and the temperature of the water was not too high to completely switch to vegetable nozzles.

And now, my floats have become in the exact place. The result of careful preparation was not long in coming. A thin sensitive float of the right fishing rod, slightly shuddered and climbed up. I clearly react – sweeping. It is heard that the fish is not great, but the resistance is pleasant. I wind the fishing line with a coil. Carp rises to the surface and tries to escape in the coastal bushes, but I do not let him get to them. And now, a beautiful silver crucian, weighing about 350 g in my hands. Well, with the initiative of us :).

Bites on the worm followed one after another. There was an exceptionally select carp (carp and tench were silent that morning …). Soon I had to put the second fishing rod aside and catch one with a tackle – so intense was the biting. I was triumphant!

I returned from fishing with a weighty cage. And on the shore, so were the sorrow-swimmers with their “melee” fishing rods. Toli case UDZ! – Fishing rod for long casting!…