River rollback with wonders

Catching fish on a rollback Once I got on the river in the midst of the summer heat. The swimming season is not the best time for river fishing. After a long march with spinning along the cliffs, except for three hooks – nothing. As a result, I went to the bay adjacent to the river. At the confluence of the channel with the creek, a sandy spit and a long roll formed. Here I decided to stay.

First I ironed the bay with spinning, but the predator was obviously passive and did not show any signs of it. Realizing that it will not happen, I switched to float. What I just did not try. From the bottom and the floor of the water in the bay, on the worm, dough, leech. The result is “0”. Then he changed the fishing pole into a pond and tried to catch in the riverbed, just above the bay. On the worm caught a ruff with a little finger … Bream remained only in dreams :).

Meanwhile, on the opposite bank of the river, where there was a stranded sandy beach, a noisy company with young children landed. Despite the impressive, about 50-60m, the width of the river from the rambling and squealing became even “more fun”.

The growing heat intensified my despair, catching up with apathy. But here, on the most rapid stream of overfill, I noticed small, now and then, divergent circles. Verkhovodka. It remains only to drive her. Another alteration of the fishing rod. He put a small round float without a sinker, a thin leash with a hook. Having made a float leave in the area of ​​half a meter, began to rake the beginning of the roll. But the worm did not follow the bites. I realized that the nozzle was not suitable and began to look for an alternative. The only thing that came to mind was to try to catch a grasshopper. In the meadow, which stretched alongside the bay, there were a lot of them.

At the first posting with a nozzle from a grasshopper, a decisive bite followed. I made an easy cut, hoping to see a small verhovochku. But on the hook a small chubby was hanging in the vicinity of 300g. To say that I was surprised is to say nothing. I always considered chubby a shy fish. And then he took in some 15 meters from me, and even with the accompaniment of an orora of children on a nearby beach. Paradox.

A few more postings, and caught the second is the same govawlik. Then he pecked a little stick, but because of the indecent size – was released. Soon, on the jet of rolling, in a significant distance a powerful splash sounded, then again and again. Apparently, the asp or big chub went to the rift.

Knowing the caution of large vermin hunters, I decided to change the tackle a little. I completely removed the float. I put a spool on the spool with a dark, well-marked line, as well as a long leash of fluorocarbon. A small thin hook was worn by a suit.

This spool was dusting in my backpack for a long time, since when fishing with a float on the lake, I did not want to drown, which is not very good. Under the same conditions, such a floating fishing line was impossible. A miniature light hook, although not optimal for the large fish that I wanted to seduce, but its minimum weight allowed the nozzle to float on the surface.

Thus, I chose a grasshopper drier and sent it through a stream of rolling, hoping to get to the place of fatty fish. Alas, but the distance was too big, more than 50 meters. At such a distance I just lost control of the tackle. And sometimes, the grasshopper quickly got wet and started to sink. In general, coveted krupnyak – and not caught. But along the way, we managed to catch three more chubs from a closer distance. The biggest one was tightened to half a kilo, that for such a hopeless day and time of the year, it was also not bad.

The next time I decided to try to get a careful large chub and tiger with a water kite (boat).