Little water – lots of pike

Overgrown Lake End of August. The lake, on which I regularly catch a pike with spinning, was very overgrown all summer. The main catch took place either on a beach free from thickets, or on rare windows in the grass. Fishing was quite productive, but I was waiting for the approach of autumn. With the onset of the cool days of August, algae began to gradually settle to the bottom. That was it!

Finally, the grass dropped at least 30-40 cm. Crowds of spinning workers immediately occupied the lake. Now at least it was where to hold the bait. In the summer, in rare windows, I managed to catch only myself and a couple of smart spinners, whose technique allowed snipers to lay the bait exactly where it should go. Yes, the grass fell, spinning on the lake appeared a lot, but the pike was to peck. This embarrassed me. And I began to look for a solution.

So long as half the fishermen did not leave the salted bread, but the rest persisted in the deep sections of the lake, I went to the shallow part of the lake. Everything has already been caught, all baits have been tried. And I’m not a big proponent of hardening the passive pike. I’ll either find a place where she’s active, or I’ll go home.

I was going to try to catch in a narrow canal that ran into the lake. But when I approached the narrowing site, my attention was attracted by a splash and scattered fry in a grassy, ​​shallow corner of the lake. And I decided before the channel, try it here. Although the grass for most of the lake fell, on this land, it settled slightly. At a depth of up to 1.5 meters, only 15-20 surface centimeters were free from the brushwood nettle. The first casting of vibro-tails with the lightest loads brought a deplorable result. The bunches of grass immediately covered the bait as soon as it bore. In the meantime, another surge of the attacking fry of the predator, even more provoked me. I had to think of something. I began to sort through all the available stock of baits.

Lucky ripple

Strange as it may seem, my choice fell on a wide wavering spoon with a length of 12 cm. Apart from the fact that only I could guarantee to drop it to the place of the predator outbreaks, so its shape gave hope to avoid a hook for the grass. The spoon had not a traditional two-sided bend, but a single spoon had a spoon.

And here I am sending this forty-gram glittering thing to master the grassy jungles of the lake. After the lures fell into the water, I immediately started posting. The bait, as I expected to go up, thanks to a single bend. But, I did not have time to be pleased with the well-chosen bait, as it was appreciated by the pike. I did not spend a flash and five meters, as a powerful predator attack followed. Persistently resting and picking up the strands of watery vegetation with the jagged maw, the kilogram pike approached the shore. Of the next ten casts, two brought a similar result.

Thanks to such an unusual bait for overgrown area, I caught another week, about the same with success. With the fact that other spinners could not even get a bite, on the parts of the lake, freed from the grass.