Perch beach

Perch beach Sultry summer in full swing. The air is so hot that in the shade beyond 40. Not the best time for fishing, and for hunting with spinning – even more so. But the thirst for new fishing experiences and discoveries drives me to the pond. Even if the chances of success are minimal.

It’s not wise to make long trips in such a hot season. Firstly, there is no guarantee that having traveled a mile – there will be biting. Secondly, you can earn a heat stroke. So I decided to try fishing happiness at a lake near my house.

The lake is medium in size, with depths up to 2.5-3 m. The water in the lake, despite the heat, remained clear and transparent, thanks to the flowing of the reservoir. But here the water vegetation flooded him almost completely. Huge fields of nettle drawn in shallow water. Only the deepest sections of the riverbed, a small sandy beach and several windows remained clean from the grass. And besides, the whole day on this beach the cloud of townspeople fleeing from the heat. Heavy conditions for fishing, nothing to say.

However, my decision to spin spinning was unbreakable. I gathered at the lake, just barely sat down to dawn to catch and leave home before the influx of tourists. Half past four and I’m on the beach. It was I who chose the site for catching, since it was possible to catch the channel and rare windows only from the boat, and I did not want to drag it with her.

My hope relied on the fact that the predator intimidated by daytime passions on the beach, in the early dawn will still come out on a clean plot to drive small things that were here in abundance.

The sandy beach near the beach was a strip of gently flowing sandy bottom 150-200 m long and 30-40 m wide. On all three sides, this clear glade was tied up by the walls of impenetrable nettle. The depth at the far end of the shallows at the edge of the grass was about 1.2-1.5 m. It’s enough to get a pike or a group of perch.

At first I was going to catch the edges of the algae in the hope of a small pike that could arrange an ambush there. By the way, I’ve already been able to catch toothy on these edges more than once. But that morning, the pike was silent. My average vibrotails on light heads were ignored.

Well, I switched to a small preloaded turntable and started sending it to the far edge of the grass. In the meantime, behind the trees in the east the red-hot July sun has already peered out. It became much lighter and hotter. The air, which did not have time to cool down properly during a short night, began to warm up again. Things are bad …

After a dozen casts of the turntable, there followed several shocks, which it is difficult to call biting. But I knew – this perch just baked the lure. Apparently from the hot water it is not good at all and it is passive. It was necessary to abandon the turntable and try other baits.

Since there were no percussion wobbles with me, I took a miniature white vibrochoke on a 3 gram jig-head. The second wiring was followed by a light push, and a couple of meters later – a grip. Perch is not bad, grams for 250. Next hour bites on my micro-burn did not stop. As a result, from under the far edge of the grass I took 7 perch from 200 to 350g. And there were another two dozen blows and gatherings. And by the time of the 7th, when the first bathers began to pull together on the beach, a half-kilogram pike caught it, also jumped out of the brushwood nettle.

The sun was rising. It was necessary to leave, until it became very hot and on my hook did not get caught by some swimmer :). In any case, I was satisfied. Although the catch did not shake its scale, it was an achievement to achieve this in the hot summer season. By the way, I have more than once successfully caught on this beach in the hottest days. The main secret of success was the early rise and miniature baits – micro-jigs.