Perch boilers

Perch boiler In principle, perch is active all year round, except for a short period of deafness. But all periods fade in comparison with the end of summer – the beginning of autumn, when small percussive flocks gather in fairly large jambs. These groups of hungry perches arrange real massacres at the surface, chasing the fry, champing, in a word – fattening. Such a coven of striped ones – this is a percussion pot. After all, it really seems that the water is boiling :).

For the first time I saw a percussion pot in my childhood. Then I just mastered the basics of fishing. Spinning and perch were still beyond my fishing knowledge. But I remember how on my favorite lake, with the branches of poplars hanging to the water, dozens of large perches jumped out of the water at once, the fry fluttered in a crystal fan, and a deafening champing was heard. It was a sight!

Now there are no such poplars, there is no such a quantity of fish. For the poplars “thank you” to the mayor’s office, for the fish – to the poachers … But still, sometimes, at the end of the summer it is possible to see, even if not so large, percussion boilers and feel this excitement – the excitement of perch in boilers.

So I’m on another fishing trip. Beginning of autumn. The morning is still very early and the surface of the lake is covered with a light haze. Even in the pre-dawn haze caught a small pike. More predator himself did not show.

But somewhere by 7 am, in the center of a vast grassy shoal there was a cherished champing. I waited a long time for him. This year is the first percussion boiler I saw. A slight shiver went around his hands. After all, the excitement with which the striped ones wet their prey is transferred to the fisherman.

But, there are three or four boilers already. Several flocks periodically go to the surface and chase the fry. What pleased – the perch approached my shore. I hung a small white vibrochist and waited for the striped ones to approach the casting distance.

Here, they are already near. Casting. The bait falls in a couple of meters from the place of exit of the perch – and then a blow. Gotcha. When I drag the perch to the shore, I see three or four relatives floating side by side and trying to snatch the vibrotail from the mouth of my catch. This is greed! They “think” that their brother seized the fattest fry in the area and tries to escape. That’s what the brain deficit means … Well, I’m only fun.

Each cast into the zone of the boilers is a perch caught. I catch so much and a half dozen fish from 200 to 400 g. It’s not bad, but the perch’s shoals move from me to the left, towards the deaf wall of reeds. They can not get there without a boat. The cave stops. Well, do not be greedy. It is possible to take a breath, that is called – to exhale adrenaline :). I hope this was not the last percussion cauldron this season.