Perch frenzy

Catching gregarious perch from the boat Once I was invited by an acquaintance to go fishing far beyond the city. To a small reservoir of regional importance. My friend Uncle Slava was a spinner with a capital letter and I agreed to go. Moreover, we had four. There was a good chance for people to see and show themselves :). I was told to take a boat, and from baits – just a little bit. The pike was dead in the reservoir – poachers were knocked out. But still, there’s a chance to catch a toothy one. But a lot of perch.

We left, as expected, still dark. Only in the east the sky was slightly gray. It was about an hour’s drive. On the way, a rain cloud caught us a couple of times. Yes, the weather is steep, and the prospect of being flooded with a shower in the boat – I was not happy. But on the imperturbable faces of the other participants in the outing, I realized that “the match will take place in any weather.” Also has calmed down :).

When they arrived at the site, the weather stabilized. The whole sky was clouded by low clouds and occasionally the drizzle broke. What, in comparison with a shower – this is the best weather possible. The truth was slightly dushnovato. So remember: if the heat, the sky in solid clouds and there is drizzle – you need to throw everything and run to the pond with spinning :).

For about forty minutes we all gathered, pumped up the boats, collected spinning rods, laid down other inventory and sailed off. As Uncle Slava said, in this place of the reservoir, there is something like a submarine ridge. Flooded crossing seems, I do not remember exactly. The depth was 3-4 m. At the bottom of the rare algae. My companions immediately decided to try to seduce the pike (judging by the large baits that they have tied). I decided to immediately start catching on my favorite five-centimeter vibrotochkovki Kopyto.

For the first hour of catching the colleagues had 2-3 perch. I caught a dozen striped. All smoothly abandoned hopes for the pike and began to move to smaller baits – for perch. Only Uncle Slava persisted the longest. However, he soon hung a small turntable and alternated it with the same small vibrotails as mine.

Just a little the drizzle intensified and the clouds darkened. And then a real battle began! We led our baits a small step, closer to the bottom. Now, the vibrotail did not have time to sink to the floor of the water, as the blows began. If the minker was not detected immediately – there were up to 15 strokes per 30-40 meters of wiring, each of which could develop into bite. Rare casts did not bring a perch. I’ve never seen such an intense biting on spinning!

After several dozen perches, one of them knocked off the tail of my vibrotail. I put a new fish. But she suffered the same fate in a few dozen bites. Then, I tried to throw the remaining stump – and immediately caught another perch. It turns out, the predator was generally do not care what to peck at. What are the tails, swings and play. Moves, slightly whitens – then you have to grab. While others did not grab :).

We caught quite a few hours in a few hours. The perch was small 15-25 cm. Personally, I caught almost 200 tails. The rest were about the same. Cleves a few words. We did not become greedy and decided to return to the city earlier. It was really cool fishing. Although it is a pity that the pike did not hit.