Perch of the old canal

Spring perch on the canal There is one old bypass channel, connecting several well-known lakes. I rarely catch this channel, I do not even know why. The banks of the canal were densely covered with reeds and willow bushes. But there are many places that have been trodden by fishermen. Here are found all kinds of fish that are in the lakes: carp, crucian carp, pike, tench, roach, perch, etc. So that’s the perch, there’s a lot of this channel. A lot of quite good, medium and large perch.

In one of the fishing in early May, the catch was not taken care of. One of the lakes was entrapped by poaching nets, on the second – I did not see a bite in an hour. I did not want to go to other lakes – far away. And I decided to try to throw the fishing rods in the old canal.

I found a place where it is convenient to sit on the shore. On the right the canal was divided by a dam. It had a pipe through which the canal carried its waters further. Because of the narrowing of the stream, there was a slightly accelerated flow here. The opposite shore was completely covered with willow bushes. The width of the canal in this place was about 12-15 m, and the depth is about 2-2.5 m. No bad prerequisites for catching perch.

I caught at once two float fishing rods. One I threw under the bushes, at the opposite bank of the canal. The second – under the very pipe. There was a small reverse current, which the perch likes so much. The nozzle was a simple manure worm – a universal thing in the spring. I made sure that the nozzle completely lay on the bottom and moved with the current. The load touched the bottom lightly.

After about ten minutes, bites began. The perch was taken confidently, resisted pleasantly. Apparently starved after the harsh winter and spawning. Intense biting lasted about an hour, and then gradually died down.

The sun has risen already quite high. Until it began to heat, it was necessary to get ready to go home. Altogether, the catch is about one and a half dozen selected perches. I decided soon to repeat the sortie to the same channel. And now it was necessary to do something wrong with the guys who had become involved in networking on the first lake. Making up my insidious plan of revenge for poachers, I walked away on the wet grass from the dew.

When I arrived in the same place in three days, to catch perch again – I was waiting for a bummer. The current was gone (somewhere up the gateway was closed). Together with the current, the perch of the perch disappeared.