How to catch on silicone worms

Catching on passive silicone There is a whole layer of very interesting jig baits, under the general name – passive silicone. This bait does not have its own game, while the lures are extremely soft and amenable with the help of wiring – the movements of the tip of the spinning of different frequency and different planes.

This category of baits somewhere near the so-called. “Edible rubber.” Often impregnated with various attractants. Passive silicone – it’s worms, slugs, octopus, etc. “Cuttlefish”. With the example of silicone worms, let’s consider the capabilities of this class of baits.

What do silicone worms look like? Like worms, only from silicone 🙂 There are different sizes, but in general these baits have a long length, a round section and various incisions in segments. The colors of silicone worms are very different, but the most popular are natural coloring: black, brown, green. In general, for leeches and other watery evil spirits.

In general, worms are used for so-called “worms”. “Texas snap” – sliding sinker-bullet on a leash and an offset hook. In addition to high non-clutchability, such tackle allows to animate the bait well, as there are no rigid connections. But sometimes it is possible to catch on usual jig-heads with a nozzle from silicone worms.

Silicone worms

To play bait it is possible simply wave movements of a tip of a spinning in a vertical plane, then the worm goes that to a bottom, then upwards. Various subchapments, sharp jerky wiring are used. Good results are obtained by wiggling the worm in place in the windows of aquatic vegetation. In a word, you need to constantly give the bait interesting motions, since your game does not have a worm and with a uniform wiring – it’s a dead worm 🙂

It should also be added that the best results when catching silicone worms and other passive silicone with attractants are observed at the height of summer, when the water is particularly hot and the attractant smell quickly spreads over large areas. Catch mostly on the edge of the grass or directly in the rare windows and glades in the midst of continuous thickets.