How to catch with rattlins

Rattlin Rattlins – a special subspecies of wobblers, quite interesting to talk about it specifically. By efficiency in its working range of depths, few baits even approach the ratlins. What kind of interesting lure, capable of becoming a secret weapon of a spinning guard at one’s own time and place …

The distinctive features of the rattle are: absence of a blade; More or less wide body; The anchorage point to the line is moved from the nose to the back. Thanks to this design, the Rattlin goes with the nose slightly down, swaying or finely vibrating.

Rattlins for the most part – sinking wobblers. With their weight and compactness, the casting distance at the ratlines is at an altitude. Working depths, in which the rattleys show themselves in the best way – 2.5 – 5 m. At lower depths, other baits (worm twigs such as minnow, turntables, etc.) show themselves better. At great depths, the control over the wiring of ratlins is lost and there is much more effective catching by deep diving wobblers (divers).

Most rattlins are supplied with noise chambers to attract fish from long distances and not only due to the natural vibrations of the bait, but also by sound.

To catch on the rattlin is very simple. This is just one of those types of wobblers, to which there are the least claims on the methods of posting. He threw it, let it sink to the bottom or the required depth, and you start smooth even wiring. The rate of wiring is selected based on the conditions and activity of the fish. You can make small pauses, but usually monotonous wiring rattlin – the most effective.