Tackle Gruzovka

Gruzovka There is an interesting tackle for catching from steep banks of medium and small rivers. Call this tackle – “Gruzovka.” We will talk about the advantages and the device of this tackle in today’s post.

“Gruzovka” is something between a classic donka and a float fishing rod. Loaded relatively light, sliding. There is no float. Bites are fixed on the flexible tip of the rod. Since they catch on the current, there are no problems with fixing the bites – the stream pulls the line.

The rod is taken telescopically with rings and a small coil 5-6 m long (you can use a dead tackle, but it has fewer opportunities). The main line is 0.18-0.25mm. Loaded according to the strength of the current and depth, but usually 5-15 g. The best form of a sinker is an olive with flattened sides, so that the load lies on the bottom, and does not roll. The stopper for the sliding sinker is either a leash binding node or a small swivel. Leash is better to use a long 30-40cm and a diameter of 0.12-0.15mm. Crown hooks hook, commensurate with the nozzle.

“Gruzovka” is caught practically in a plumb. The place of fishing is usually under the precipitous bank of the river. It is best to settle down where the flow is somewhat slower or even reversed (usually in the coastal niches, behind the trees lying in the water or other obstacles). With the rod, the nozzle is lowered to the desired point and the tackle is placed on the stand. The sinker should touch the bottom or completely lie on it. When bitten, the fish unhinderedly pulls the line through the hole in the sinker and signals to the tip of the rod.

In view of the importance of the sensitivity of the tackle and the clearness of the transmission of bites, instead of a monolayer, you can try to apply a thin braid to 0.1mm. The leash remains in this case from a thin monolayer.

“Gruzovka” is, of course, very specialized, but on the riverbeds of the Seym and Desna rivers, where I most often fish, this is a very effective tackle when catching white fish (roach, bream, bream).