That the wobbler is not overwhelmed

That the wobbler is not overwhelmed Some wobblers, when casting and during jerky, twitching, there is a problem of overlapping tees over a line or for each other. In any case, this is not an excuse to refuse to catch such problem baits, especially if they give the result. You can try to fight with overlap. That’s what we’re gonna do.

The first way to avoid overlapping of the turrets for each other is to pick up the other tees. It is important to take tees of a smaller number, but reinforced, so that the mass of tees remains the same and the wobbler game has not changed.

The problem of overlapping over a line or cord is solved relatively simply. To do this, put a thin lead (0.25-0.4mm) in front of the wobblack from a rigid elastic wire. The length of the leash must be 1.5-2 times the length of the bait itself. In such a leash, there should be no additional hardware, be it a swivel or a buckle. Screwing Only then does it make sense in a rigid leash. At one end of the wire a blind loop is made, to which the cord is attached through a not-a-knot connection. The second end is made in the form of twisting, to which the wobbler is directly attached. The twist is unraveled, the lure is weighed and the twisting is again braided – no fasteners, but the rigidity of the connection is ensured.


Alternatively, you can try to fix or partially fix the lower tee of the wobbler thermophyte tube or cambric. However, you need to test the work of the bait. If such a rigid coupling of the tee does not affect the game of wobblers – it’s wonderful. If the game is lost or worse – you need to apply other solutions.

By the way, to reduce the number of overlaps when casting a wobblack can be a purely throw technique. If you smoothly take the rod back and just as smoothly, with a little acceleration, send a wobbler – there will be a minimum of overlap. Such a cast with build-up is really very effective.

And of course, with other things being equal, it’s better to use a wobbler with no problems of overlapping, with a quality balancing, and possibly with a magnetic system for improving the aerodynamics of the bait.