Elephant and Moska

Elephant and Moska Catching on pressurized reservoirs in the city limits imposes its imprints. It happens that a promising place is arranged for a real struggle – competition. Once I got into this story. In other matters, listen…

Approached the most hot, central month of summer – generous for a fisherman floater July. It’s time to cook the gear, it’s time for serious fishing. At first I went without fishing rods, but simply on reconnaissance in the vicinity of my favorite lake on the outskirts of the city.

There were a lot of fishermen, they sat on the bank, on the dam and at the end of the lake. Skirting the coast and wondering about the successes, it turned out that only a few can boast of 1-2 small carpics … Not thick. But the next morning I decide to go out and try my luck with the fishing rods.

And again, swallowing the cool predawn fog, I’m approaching the lake that I loved since childhood. In the light of the burning east, you can see the deserted shore. Only a flock of ducks, dissecting the surface, sailing to meet the dawn. Yes, the muskrat untiringly embroidered along the shore with a bundle of reeds in his teeth – obviously, he insulates them with a burrow.

Although no, on the lake I’m not alone. Because of the bush at the corner of the dam, two rods are seen. Some early fisherman is waiting for bites. Having drowned the tall grass, I sit down on the butt-end near the willow bush, under which, obviously, the house of the muskrat. Razmotany telescopes and floats stand on their posts near the bush. Silence, fog, sunrise … and no bites for half an hour.

But here, there is a splash and noise behind a bush. Obviously, my hidden colleague was still fried. This puzzled me: I was not used to being caught not by myself, but by someone else 🙂 Especially, I’m a supporter of actively searching for fish, and not waiting for her arrival … So I, without a long time thinking, collected my gear and moved to the end Strips of bulrush, stretching from the corner of the lake. Just at the beginning of this reed “wall” sat a lucky fisherman, and I settled on the opposite edge.

The place turned out to be really very interesting. In front of me the bottom steeply retired into the channel well. On the right a reed began and there, before the demolition, there was a small step with a depth of about a meter. I laid one fishing rod just under the reeds, on this ledge. While I was analyzing the second – my neighbor looking like something on the “mole” (tightly built, sharp nose, small eyes, glasses …) – brought out another carpal.

But I did not even have time to envy 🙂 The float, standing near the reeds, staggered, rose and rode into the thick of the reeds. Cutting, and I hardly drag a bronze handsome carpican through thickets. With the initiative of me, as they say 🙂

That morning I caught two more carp and the same in the evening. Baton mixture No. 5 continued to work without fail. And the next morning things went even better! Apparently, the bait I made from feed and meal was working.

At the very dawn the bite was weak – only one normal carp. Then went the bites. And to the clock to 7-it’s charged! In front of the amazed spectators (and about a dozen fishermen assembled on the shore that day …) I caught 6 carp in 40 minutes. The bale became silent. Meanwhile, “Mole” marveled: “Yes … It is interesting to watch when one pulls, and the rest sit …”. I agree! Interestingly, but as it turned out – is fraught with … From the shoals opposite, several fishermen broke and went to the dam, in my direction. They circled behind me on the dam, “put my nose” in my jars with nozzles, into the tank, and looked at my gear, which corresponded to theirs, like the AK-47 with the Neanderthals stone hammer.

The annoying fishermen are located slightly to the left. But they never gave me the look of complete predatory envy. Here it is – the price of success: | Meanwhile the sun was baking. I took out a heavy shed, rolled off my gear and gave a grateful glance at the lake, and walked home. But my thoughts were already on tomorrow’s fishing and it seemed to me that I could not see my catchy place as my ears…

Decided to take a chance. Came on the pond at 3:15! But already this “Moska”, which was especially distinguished yesterday with its impudence, already sat in my place, still with some type. I did not begin to show my indignation – it was pointless: “who first got up – that and slippers …”. The place on the other end of the cane, in the corner of the lake where “Mole” sat yesterday, was free and I landed there. I understood that the key to the success of the last fishing was reed. Here the path of the carp is the narrowest and in the morning the joint of the mustachioed must pass this section several times without entering the thick of the reeds and going down to the shore curb.

Soon a decent group of fishermen gathered on the lake. Obviously, the rumor of my yesterday’s catch quickly flew around the neighborhood…

Despite the fact that I did not sit down on my own, I managed to get the first one wet. Standard carpic – 400-450 g, expectedly taken from under the reeds. But over time, things better went to “Moska” with a friend – apparently my pranda acted well: (And I, as an “Elephant”, began to “get in a puddle”…

But finally I lost courage in the next bite. A thin fishing line rang and a heavy fish, rustling with dry reeds hammered between freedom and the shore. I tried to push the pot-bellied carp through thick reeds. The line was stuck on one of the branches, the fish half-hung in the air, and the line weakened. I lost control for a moment, but still Fortune put a finger on my scales and the carp safely reached the shore, and then the sledge. With an average carpic size in the lake of 400-600 g, this almost two kilogram was a giant. I was triumphant. We say you are not the number of tails, so we will crush the mass. Sports heat reached the limit.

Nevertheless, I “lost” on kilograms of “Moska” … But it was a stubborn struggle. In the meantime, nerves began to be handed over to fishermen sitting on the shallows and not even seeing bites for the whole morning. Someone spat, ran off and walked away, someone tried to unsuccessfully wedge himself into the micro reel of reeds between me and “Moska.”

The next morning, or rather, the night … It’s necessary to regain a well-fed place 🙂 In three nights I’m already on the beach. Only me and the stars … and no one else 🙂 And the silence … and the floats are still not visible … But I took the place. This fact has already warmed the soul.

After 10 minutes – that’s “Moska”. A depraved look and snuff issued bummer devil 🙂 I could not stand and in a calm, firm manner expressed kututenko all the concepts: they say this is my place, my idea, my bait and there’s nothing to stand here and sniff. And in general, to occupy a deliberately alien fodder place is a natural rudeness. There are plenty of places around – feed your own and catch.

I do not know if my teachings reached his only gyrus, but after hearing my censure, “Moska” immediately left and sat down at the place of “Mole”. However, soon approached the last and “Moska” got already from him. But the kugut remained sitting on the spot of the “Mole” …

But no matter how fiercely we fought for places, that day it did not help anyone – biting off like a bite. Apparently, something has changed in the atmosphere or the water environment of the lake and it was necessary to look for new places and keys to the biting of carp.