The defeat of Muscovites under the Great Stone

The defeat of Muscovites on fishing Immediately make a reservation that this story has no political or historical connotations, and to football, too, with nothing. All again, strictly about fishing. Well, in other matters, read and understand.

I went to the village of Bolshoy Kamen, where I was invited to visit the godmother. This picturesque village spread out on the right bank of the Seim. The area was famous for this area, where one of the spurs of the Great Russian Upland reached. Here the river carried its waters between the stony banks, and the village was called Bolshoy Kamen.

In general, places for fishing in the vicinity of the village were extremely interesting and for fans of fishing and outdoor activities were just an oasis. Everything was there: chic pine forests; Shady moist oak groves, in which the glades of Poddubniki were adorned in the autumn; A diverse, fish-rich river; Beautiful lakes on that shore; Marvelous air; And friendly, original people.

Getting up early in the morning, I go to the river. Early freshness, interspersed with dew, impregnates everything around. To begin with, I decide not to distance myself very far from the village and choose my own shallow shallow water with a spot in the water, where there were several boats of local fishermen.

At first my float was not very biting. Only a few small roaches, rippers and one okushok – that’s all the catch for an hour. It became clear: you need to look for other ways of fishing on the river. The idea did not keep itself waiting. Soon, on the opposite edge of the shallows, a local fisherman came out … with a donka. “And why not?” – I thought, and I decided by the afternoon, going to the beach, to take with me some kind of bottom gear on the basis of my telescope with an inertial coil.

Warm, clean river; Magnificent scenery: a wonderful pine forest over the edge of the opposite shore. The trunks of many trees lay in water and washed their crowns in crystal streams.

But, at the end of the beach, built of dazzling white sand, I noticed “competitors” – two donors. He came a little closer to them and on the accusing speech he determined that these subjects are Muscovites. Ish, come in large numbers 🙂 Without becoming involved in a conversation I gathered at the far end of the shallows with a strong desire to show the capital the class.

Unwinding his not difficult tackle, I looked at the actions of Muscovites. Obviously, my Russian colleagues were not doing very well. No, they were bothering! But they could not cut anything, from that in their little cage and dangled one ridiculous little cat. Still, they are sitting in folding chairs, looking at their gear. The signaling device trembled, reporting on the bungle – while they stood, while they bent down, while they took the rod, while they were hacking … Everything – the fish had long ago stuck the nozzle and was so. And so time after time.

Having understood the mistakes of neighbors, I chose a different tactic. Bending over my donka, I held my hands a few centimeters from the rod blank and carefully followed the thin top. I had to notice the slightest push-I cut it. This approach proved to be the only correct one with such a careful fish hite. (Maybe the bites would have been more distinct, but the current, the distance under 40m and the elongation of the line gave their corrections).

First a wide, three-hundred-gram bustle, and right after her and a good roach dived into my tank. After I caught a perch for half a kilogram, the Muscovites began to whisper, and the next two roaches caught by me, and even rounded their eyes. “What nonsense, we’re here for two hours we sit and can not catch anything, but this type came and cuts here in full” – read on their faces.

I was triumphant. It’s time to condescend to the defeated and give good advice. Going to buy, I went to the Muscovites and gave good advice – to shorten the time between biting and punching … Those listened to me carefully and also bent over their donks, as I did.

In the meantime, I bathed in a refreshing river stream, as I pretty much overheated while showing Muscovites how to fish. I was particularly pleased that soon the eldest of Russians noticed a decent baster, thanks to my method. Well, apparently, the Muscovites were enough, and they took their wives and children, who were furious all day on the beach, and went to the village.

It was time to go back to me. With a victorious cheerful gait I followed in the village past the weaving replayed Muscovites 🙂

So I discovered a very catchy tackle for a river with a fairly fast current – a running dunk.