Triumph Two days the carp on the lake was some kind of sluggish. But I thought it was a calm before the storm. Hoping this, I went to the pond in the evening. From the end sat “Moska” and another fishermen 15!

I scratched the back of my head, I stopped at the intersection of the dams, like the hero of the epic near the stone on the roadside (you’ll go to the left and you’ll lose your horse …) 🙂

My thoughts on the topic: “where would fall?”, Interrupted the figure of the cyclist, who appeared because of the turn. It was Uncle Volodya, whom I had not seen for more than 2 weeks. Warmly greeted, we began to discuss the situation on the lake. At first, I chided my senior comrade for the absence at the beginning of the month, when I was just biting well. He said that at that time he sat down in a forbidden ditch, where the protection of the fish farm only allowed him, as a trusted and trustworthy one. There it was good to peck roach and bunny.

Marveling at my stories about carp, he promised that the other day he would go fishing and he added: “Go, Kolyasha (I mean), along the dam further. They opened a gateway – the carp should go to fresh water. ” Saying goodbye to him, I walked towards the narrowing, where was that gateway.

That’s the lock, behind him began a strip of reeds. Fishermen sat in each fence, there was nowhere to sit. Apparently something bites, Uncle Volodya knew what he was saying – I thought, and went a little further. As a result, only the last place appeared before the narrowing of the lake to the canal. Here on the shore stood a large beautiful aspen. And right below the shore was a small hole. At the edge of the water, to the left stretched a rare reed. A light current from the canal passed here near the shore – it means that you will not have to throw far. If the fish really reached up to fresh water – it should be here!

Throwing one rod under the reeds, began to unwind the second. But when I returned my gaze to the float first – he had already come out of the water. Here is the first carpal. After him, with an interval of 15 minutes – two more. And then, like a machine gun: 10 bites in a row – 10 carp! The float did not have time to fully become operational, as the nozzle “on the fly” was grabbed by a fish and the float flew back to the surface.

On the opposite bank sat three: a married couple and a separate angler. In the midst of my tyagalov, the peasant could not stand it. Nervous, with an intermittent gait, he approached the couple, who also rested without bites, lit a cigarette and said: “Well, how much can I get?” It was a quiet evening, I heard it, despite a decent distance. It was a triumph 🙂 And my tank all became heavy …

Also, I saw the oblique glances from the side of the fisherman sitting on the right, and catching at times worse than me. When I unloaded the next carp on the dam, the peasant bowed back and through the branches of bushes that separated us, enviously followed my manipulations.

That day, I got a fairly soft baton mixture and had to put it in very large pieces, which did not prevent the carp from taking it.

Finally, the last piece of the nozzle was sent into the water, and a minute later the carp thrashed in the grass – the thirteenth that evening. All … I exhaled. He looked at the sky. The sky was already gathering in the sky, it was getting dark. The sun was hiding behind the city. It was time to leave. I picked up the heavy tank.

Well, it could not have been the most productive my fishing (that, of course, is still ahead :)), but the most spectacular is for sure! For 1 hour and 20 minutes – 13 bites – 13 carp, all as for selection from 600 to 800g. No single gathering or empty bite. Everything is as clear as in the pharmacy.