Uncle Volodya and naked hooks

Hush! Here they catch What different anglers, how different are their characters! And sometimes, fishing is not the most interesting process of catching, not biting, not tackle and bait, but the behavior and the character of colleagues in the shop.

I dedicate this story to my friend and mentor in fishing, Uncle Volodya. Rest in peace.

It was spring. Mid-May. I again go to my favorite lake. Naturally – for fishing. Spring is a good time to catch in a shallow, well warmed by the sun channel, which adjoins the lake. That’s where I went.

Having settled on his favorite place behind a small hill, he unwound both telescopes. As the previous fishermen have shown, a small carpican went from the main lake up the canal to fresh water. He caught himself at his feet – half a meter from the shore. It was necessary to move away from the water, about the length of the rods, so it was convenient to catch and not scare the fish with your shadow.

The bites followed one after another. Was so much fun that I did not notice how my old fishing companion, my uncle Volodya, had approached me from the direction of the lake.

Looking at my catch, the old fisherman was pleasantly surprised and even somewhat discouraged: “Well, Nicholas, you give! Well, do not catch a fig! “. Of course he was happy for me, his partner and student.

And then uncle Volodya started his standard camper stuff. He advised me immediately to hide the fish deeper into my backpack and not show it to anyone even under the threat of torture :).

Old and experienced, Uncle Volodya never hurried to disclose the cards. Only the elite could find him on the pond, and only such close friends as I could learn the true catch of this most experienced master of fishing. So to be encrypted, as Uncle Volodya knew how to do it – one must be able to :). But let’s get everything in order.

He was secretive. Behind his guerrilla murders was not greed, but only a desire to calmly and successfully catch. Without unnecessary eyes and competitors, as they say. I though did not take 100% this habit of the master, but sometimes I use. When fishing is particularly good and do not want to snatch your catch of all the grains of the area :).

This manner of behavior of Uncle Volody clearly annoyed many of the local fishermen. In particular, my first fishing teacher, Uncle Vasya. He likes to popopazashnichat and boast of his rabid catches. After that, the next day – a full house on the lake. And the first “star” itself suffers – Uncle Vasya, whose lucky place at 3 o’clock in the morning is occupied by the horde of dreamers. And they really do not catch (it should be able to do) and “maestro” also does not catch – there’s nowhere to sit down :). Uncle Volodya, on the other hand, constantly caught in the remote parts of the lake, in the deaf thickets of reeds. And if he was asked about successes – waved his hand, they say does not take (while, under the bush, healthy carp tossed and turned in the cage). Here is such a huge difference in the behavior of two of my fishing guides …

But I digress. So, we stand with Uncle Volodya at the hill with my 5 kilogram cage and decide how to proceed. We agreed to meet at the same place tomorrow, and before that do not attract attention. On the way back we hung everyone interested in our catch that nothing sensible was caught. They say a change of weather, the wind is not the same and blah blah blah.

The next morning, Uncle Volodya and I agreed, as we had agreed, on the spot near the hill. The cave began immediately. And even more wild than the day before. I took a small and medium carp. Uncle Volodya let go of those that are smaller, for which the lake gave him 4 beauties for 600g, and in a row. (I was always amazed at this ability of my mentor – to produce small ones and immediately take large ones.) I, too, let go of frank laces, but I do not get crocheted after that .My uncle Volodya probably knew some word;)).

In general, fishing was good. At about 8 o’clock, Uncle Tolya came up to us, our mutual friend, also an avid angler. Knowing the disposition of Uncle Volodya, he asked first of all for my success. Surprised and rejoicing my, without exaggeration, a bucket of carp, he became sober that he could not join. The pier must go to the village, plant potatoes …

In the meantime, Uncle Volodya continued to be strange. He put his pretty carp under his bag, and upstaged a small apron, which fell between carp pimples. And it helped. Soon, on the opposite dam was one of the local grumblers.

The man asked Uncle Volody how to catch it? Obviously, the demonstrated okunek was not very convincing. And the “hapuzhenok” stopped, hovering in the floats of my tutor. The war of nerves began. The secrecy of our fishing was in jeopardy. Although I was hidden from the impudent onlookers with a thick bush, I also began to quietly kill the carp. It was interesting what Uncle Volodya would do.

But Uncle Volodya was brilliant, as always :). As if nothing had happened, my teacher restarted both fishing rods, while removing the attachment from the hooks. Naturally, there were no bites. Nerves were the first to surrender to the grumbler, who decided that we really did not have a hearing. When he retired – Uncle Volodya again put on the nozzle and continued to dare carpics. That morning we went to the record. 🙂