Reset loops from the spool and how to deal with it

Loop reset Probably many spinners are familiar with such an annoying phenomenon as the resetting of loops from the spool of inertia-free coils and, as a consequence, the formation of “beards”. In this post, I would like to discuss the reasons and ways to combat this negative phenomenon.

Typically, resetting loops is characteristic of the cord, and almost does not occur with monolskoy in view of its stiffness and more free departure from the spool of the coil. The causes of resetting the hinges lie in four components: the cord itself; Quality of the coil; The ratio of the cord and the coil; Level of winding the cord on the spool.

Cord with a more pronounced texture (visibility of fibers) and increased stiffness – is more disposed to resetting loops than a uniform and soft. The texture hard cord has a higher coefficient of friction and as a result – higher ability to cling to other winding turns, snatching them from the spool and forming “beards”. As the brightest example of such a cord, I can bring the entire line of “Silver Stream” cords: (

From the quality of the coil, the reset of the loops depends more than on any other of the factors. The most important thing here is the way and quality of laying the cord. Ideally put the coil cord with a so-called “endless screw” and a cross-winding system. In the presence of such a coil, resetting the loops is extremely rare. Coils of this class are expensive, but they have a number of advantages for this price, and one of them, just the quality of the cord laying.

There are also middle-class coils without cross-winding, which, nevertheless, the laying of the cord is very good. This, for example, is almost the entire line of inertia-free coils of Abu Garcia. And finally, relatively cheap coils, without the bells and whistles, which are to the greatest extent to the not very even winding of the cord and, as a result, to the resetting of the loops.

It is also important to observe the ratio of the dimensions of the coil with the diameter of the cord. Tackle should be harmonious. It is not necessary to reel a cord about 0.2mm or more on a 1000-2000 reel. As well as it is not necessary on 3000 and above coils to reel up the most thin cords 0.06-0.08-0.1mm. All these misalignments can also cause resetting loops.

And finally, the reset of the loops is affected by the level of winding the cord on the spool. Despite the recommendations of many authors and fishing experts, I believe that it is not necessary to excessively get involved in backing (reeling to a spool under the main cord to raise the winding level to the spools of the spool). Bucking is needed, but the main cord should still not reach the spools at least 1-1.5mm. This greatly reduces the number of loop failures. And with a soft, slippery cord and a high-grade coil, this winding completely eliminates the reset of the loops!

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