Which fish hooks are best?

Which hook to choose Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the variety of fishing tackles available for sale. The same is difficult with the choice of hooks for various types of fishing. Which manufacturer should I prefer? What price range should I choose? In this post, try to figure out the choice of fishing hooks.

Conditionally, all the hooks on our market can be divided into three categories by price and quality, without going into the species composition (carp, jig, tees, twins, offsets).

– Hooks are expensive and of the highest quality (Owner, Gamakatsu, etc.);

– Medium in price and quality hooks (VMC, Mustad, Bass Pro, Eagle Claw, etc.);

– Cheap, medium and frankly bad quality hooks “made in China” (Cobra and company …);

The choice of the type of hooks depends largely on the method of fishing and the estimated production. If you do not take into account the high cost, then for the spinning the most demanding hooks are most in demand – Owner and Gamakatsu. This is due to the fact that the predator fish is large, strong, sometimes with a fairly hard mouth, which must be pierced.

Personally, I do this: I use jam and offset hooks from Gamakatsu to equip jig baits. It has one important reason. For all its severity and strength, the Hammakatsu hooks – simply unbend by a strong braid with hooks, and perfectly springs – are amortized when fish are fished. It is very important! True thin series of hooks from Ovner, also not bad unbend, but the lineup of hooks Gamakatsu is for jig fishing – I like it more. And the price is slightly lower.

On wobblers of small and medium size – definitely put the Tees Owner. On large wobblers I use 50 to 50 hooks from Owner and VMC. On the wavering spinners and turntables, I put tees from VMC and Mustad.

Of course, if fishing takes place in buckwheels and other places where there are many hooks – it is worth considering the application of medium-priced hooks, although such places are originally a realm of non-entanglements and offsets …

To use cheap Chinese hooks for spinning baits is a very bad practice, which usually costs the fisherman a mass of gatherings … As for fishing for peaceful fish with float, bottom and other fishing rods, not everything is so unambiguous. The same Cobra hooks in the “price-quality” relationship are very applicable.

A specialty in catching peaceful fishes is the catching of carp, carp, white cupid, chub. So in the specialized fishing of these fish – only the most upscale hooks are applicable. There can not be any compromises. The leading manufacturers of hooks have a so-called. Carp programs – that’s where they need to be oriented.

For catching the same average white fish, crucian carp, small carp, etc. You can use almost any hooks, of course making sure of their sharpness and relative strength. There are no such critical loads and requirements.

As for catching in the heat, cautious, sluggishly pecking fish, then here again it is necessary to give preference to the thinnest, smallest and sharpest hooks – Owner. Laser sharpening does its job. 🙂