Handmade wobblers

Self-made wobblers - crank Wobblers, perhaps the most difficult bait for self-production. If I was asked to name just one spinning bait, which you should not try to recreate at home – I would call the wobblers :). However, it is necessary than that to be engaged in cold winter evenings, dreaming about the future spinning season. So, if your hands itch – why not try to make a wobbler with your own hands.

I will say at once, I tried to do many different types of wobblers. But consistently good and catchy, I only got pot-bellied krenks and sometimes twinned minnow, almost without my own game. All other experiments were fiasco. So, I will tell here about the manufacture of pot-bellied cranks.

For a basis and a visual sample, I took wobblers such as Salmo Hornet, Jackall Cherry, etc. Trying to copy the geometry exactly – there is no point. We simply take the general outline of such baits and experiment. Lures are small, 3-5 cm in length. These are very interesting wobblers for chub, yazya, asp, rudd, perch and coastal herb pike. Most importantly, I did not alter the wobblers of this type – everyone had a very attractive own game on uniform posting.

From materials I apply: a dry willow twig for the body of a wobbler; A blade made of thin sheet brass or clear plastic (I broke the old box from under the cards … :)); A framework of elastic steel wire 0.6mm.

First, with a knife, cut out a blank from a willow stick of the appropriate diameter. We shave one side stronger, so we get a workpiece with a characteristic, narrowed tail (Photo). The opposite end of the workpiece (the head of the wobblers) – just round off. After a rough shaping of the contour with a knife, we remove the unevenness with the same knife, only by placing its blade at a right angle to the surface being treated, as if scraped. The last stage of preparation of the billet is polishing with thin emery.

Then, in the workpiece, a longitudinal cut is made to a soft core under the wire frame and a load, and also a transverse blade under the blade (Photo). Depending on the desired burying depth, the angle of the transverse cut is selected to the longitudinal axis of the bait. The closer to the perpendicular will be the blade – the shallower will be the wobbler and vice versa, the sharper the angle between the blade and the axis of the bait – the deeper it can be driven when wiring.

Blanket for wobbler Cutting in wobbler

Wobblers blade made of durable transparent plastic Painting wobblers

In the longitudinal cut we glue the pre-bent wire frame and the lead strip – the load. The weight of lead is checked in the bathroom, based on whether we want a floating or sinking wobblers. Do not forget to take into account the weight of tees and winding rings. They can be suspended to the workpiece simply by the pods for the rings of the wire frame. When the weight is selected – the frame and lead are glued with waterproof glue “Moment” or similar. After the tests, it is necessary to thoroughly dry our semi-finished product before proceeding with painting.

I painted my wobblers with oil paints with a little addition of lacquer (Photo). Perhaps the same thing to do with nitro colors. After applying the main color and drying of this layer – small strokes can be finished with water-resistant alcohol markers. The final chord is two thin layers of waterproof varnish. After full drying, the self-made wobblers can be equipped with tees and tested in the bathroom, and then on real fishing. These are the wobblers I get (Photo).

Handmade Wobblers Technology

All models have a stable, high-frequency game, typical for most branded cranks. I believe that it is not bad, along with branded baits, to have several self-made wobblers of this type. Firstly, this allows us to expand the field of the eternal fishing experiment even more. Secondly, their homemade can be thrown without regret in the most zatsepopasnye, and consequently, promising places, where it is a pity to throw bought for 10-15 cu. Company wobblers. I do not feel sorry for tearing myself off. Cost money in it, only tees. And such a wobbler is done with a certain skill in less than an hour.