Night catcher catfish

Catfish fishing on the bottom fishing rod Catfish is a known predator of our rivers. But how many anglers caught it purposefully? I’m sure that not many. Yes, it happens, along with fishing for pike, perch or pike perch, the catfish is tempted by spinning baits. Sometimes he takes a crook designed for bream. As they say, the deeper sits – the harder it is to get. This is about catfish … So how do you catch catfish? And to catch successfully and regularly.

First, you need to catch in the right place. In the part of the river where the catfish are kept constantly. Secondly, you need to catch at the correct time of day, when the catfish is most active and predisposed to feeding. Third, you need to catch the correct tackle and attachment. And what is the answer for this equation? Soma must be caught on channel holes, at night, on donkeys. Here is the answer! Other scenarios are possible, but in today’s post I will consider just this one.

There are many pits on the river. Which hole to choose for catching catfish? Let’s face it, it’s better to find out from experienced colleagues or local residents. Since it is better to catch on that pit where the catfish are exactly, than on the one in which you assume that it is … If there are no intelligence data, we choose ourselves. The deeper the pit and the steeper the dumps, the better. Usually such pits are on steep river bends. It is desirable to have a hard clay bottom, with a small amount of silting. The presence of several old massive snags on the bottom is only welcome. But a dense forest at the bottom is not a sign of the rally, oddly enough, and the hooks are tortured.

Night time catching catfish – precisely because at that time the catfish feed just on the pit where they live constantly and at the exits from it. During the daytime, large catfishes usually lie on the bottom with “logs”, and “do not lead a bite” in the literal sense of the word. A small catfish can walk a little farther along the river, starting from the river bed, up to the grassy shoals and ruts. Naturally, the easiest way to locate the catfish is in its native pit. In addition, the largest soms can be raised only from there.

Why catch catfish on donkeys? Conditions of catching are complex: the reverse flow; Whirlpools; Lead; Greater depth; Driftwood; Wait for the bite to be due; You need to try different baits and baits; Hardening extreme, extreme. Floating tackle here falls away, just like a baby. Spinning nothing prevents to explore the hole in parallel with the bottom fishing. And two or three donkeys are a working tool for catching a trophy catfish.

Donka on a catfish is a powerful, hard rod, of medium length and usually with just an astronomical test. The coil is definitely a multiplier (well, or the old good “Nevskaya”). The cord is thick – usually you do not need to throw it, but you have to fight with serious hooks and fish. Only if above the pit a significant current, to reduce the sail – the diameter of the cord is reduced. Sinker necessarily sliding, so that the sensitivity of the tackle allowed to recognize the initial stage of the catfish bite. Hooks, I think, without comments – the biggest, the sharpest, the most qualitative (must match the type of nozzle).

Nozzles for catfish are very diverse: a bundle of large creeps; Several cancers; Chopped meat without teeth; Spoiled meat or fish; A large sluggard; Frogs; cheese. All of the above animal baits are also used for salvage. Particularly good in this regard are “podgulyavshie” crayfish – the usual feed of river catfish.

Install donkeys like this: one on the pit itself, the other two on the lower sections of the dump, or two on the pit and the third on the smoother edge of the pit. In the evening, a fire is lit on the shore. Donkeys are fixed firmly on the holders. The brakes of the coils are well regulated, so that when the bait is sharply bitten, the line is dropped.

Keeping soma at night on donkeys is a very peculiar hunt. I would even say that this catch is not for everyone. Not every angler is ready to sit for a few nights near the campfire near the catfish pit. To be able to see the only bite on the 3rd or 4th night and take the same pood-fish. There is also a very lively biting of the catfish – for 10-20 bites of a small catfish per night, but to rely on it is stupid. You need to have very strong nerves and clear goals. 🙂