Fish Barbecue Recipe

Fish Barbecue One of the most central dishes of the marching cuisine is a fish shish kebab. It happens that the fish can hardly be scratched on the ear. And sometimes, you can even diversify the menu. One of these options is a fish shish kebab. In this post, I, just, want to talk about how I prepare it.

So, we need: a fire, twigs, skewers, fish, salt and, if possible, pepper, condiments. A fire can be small. All the same, cooking does not take place on the flames, but on the haze slightly off to the side, or over the heat of the coals, the fading bonfire. Twigs-skewers are suitable in principle from any tree species, if only they were long and straight, without knots. You can use willows – they have a lot of moisture. But in any case, they should not burn out. After all, we, again, will fry shish kebab over the heat, and not on an open flame.

As for the fish. Good for shish kebab such dryish fish species as pike, pike perch, perch. Not bad shashlik is obtained from white fish: bream, large roach, bassers. Somewhat worse is the case with the frying of crucian carp, carp, tench, etc. They are zhirnovaty for this dish. If they are fried, then it’s better in the pan. Although, in the hike – no need to touch.

Two basic options are possible in cooking. Prepare for relatively small fish and large. Fine gutted, scales are not cleaned, gills are removed, washed. Then, rub on all sides with salt and spices, put on improvised skewers along the body.

If you are a connoisseur of edible fragrant herbs, you can successfully replace them with condiments.

If there is an onion or potatoes, you can cut them with thin rings and set them on the skewer in a swap with the fish. Branches-skewers, with planted shish kebab are placed above the smoke-heat from the burnt fire. When the fish is ready – the scales with the skin will be easily separated. Then you can clean it and start eating.

Large fish are cleaned from scales, gutted, take out the gills, cut into impressive pieces. And in the rest, everything is done, as with small fish – seasonings, salt, skewers. You’ll have to fry longer. Willingness to check when trying.

Here is a simple, but very tasty camp meal. All the smack is that it is cooked in the haze of a fire. This flavor can not be achieved by cooking at home. I almost forgot, as a wood, you can not use coniferous wood – spruce, pine, etc. It is resinous and can give its shashlik bitterness by its evaporation. Now, that’s all!