Get the hook out of the mouth of the fish

How to get a hook from the mouth of a fish Today we will talk about a rather important aspect of fishing – removing hooks from the mouth of the caught fish. On fishing it is necessary to perform this operation as soon as possible in order to continue fishing. Also, the less traumatized the fish – the better. This will allow us, if desired, to release the caught fish, without fear that she will die from the injuries. With successful extraction of hooks, the fish will remain alive for a long time on the koukan, which is very important for long fishing in the warm season.

To extract the hooks from the mouth of the fish use special tools, which are very desirable to have with them on fishing. These tools include: fork extractor, zevnik, surgical clamp, special pliers, etc.

Self-made fork-extractor When catching a float or other fishing rod, to extract a hook from the mouth of a fish, it is usually sufficient to use the so-called ” Fork extractor. This fork is a rigid rod, usually made of wire, and at the end of it, in one way or another made a fork. When the fish has deeply swallowed the hook, we fork the extractor into the bend of the hook, and with a slight pressure, release the sting. There are a lot of options for fork-extractors, both store and home-made. For example, you can take a thick aluminum knitting needle for this purpose. Spank one end and make a cut with a hacksaw for metal. Then, with the help of a thin nail file, give the fork a more aesthetic appearance and remove the jags so that the extractor does not damage the line when removing the hook.

Homemade Extractor Fork

Personally, I use a fork extractor made of two steel wires that are curved in the form of a fork. Fixation of the whole construction is made by thin copper wire and solder (photo).

Very different tasks are faced by the angler when catching predatory fish with a large tooth-jaw occurs. In particular, this applies to pike fishing and, to a lesser extent, pike perch, catfish, large perch. Here, in order to extract a deep-seated hook, you need other tools.

Zevnik First, in order to extract the bait, it is necessary to keep the mouth of the pike open. This is important in order to minimize the damage to the catch bait that has fallen deep into the jaws of the toothed fish. Also, the open mouth allows you to remove the hook, without fear of hitting your hands on the sharp teeth of a predator. To keep the mouth of the fish open, a special device is used – the zevnik. Constructions are different, but the essence is the same: under the action of a spring and two levers, the mouth is moved apart and held open until the hooks are removed.


If you did not have a zevnik with you, but caught a pike and deeply captured the bait, you can do with improvised means. From any coastal bush we break two sticks. One short, approximately comparable in length with the width of the open mouth of the fish. Her, like a spacer we put into the jaw between the jaws. On the second, longer stick we make an incision from the butt and we obtain a hook with the improvised fork.

For the extraction of hooks it is convenient to use various tweezers, surgical clamps, pliers on long handles. Ideally, when fishing, you should always have all the tools for extracting hooks. They are worn either in a special vest or, in extreme cases, in a fishing bag. It is desirable to have a zevnik, a fork-extractor and a surgical clamp. These three tools are usually enough to remove the most uncomfortably hooked in the mouth of a fish hook.

Do not neglect these tools! They greatly simplify the operation of extracting hooks, allow you to do this quickly, minimally injure the fish, which allows you to give her freedom if desired.