Pikes of the April Shoal

Fishing with spinning in April Another fishing on a familiar lake in the city. The days are sunny and quite warm, but at night it’s still cold, down to small frosts. In this regard, on the pond I leave not from the dawn, but about 7-8 hours. There is an opinion that the water is gradually warming up and the predator is activated. Of course, I start fishing from the shallows, where the water warms up first.

Conditions for catching are rather complicated. The water level is quite low for this time of year, because, somewhere up the canal that runs into the lake, the floodgates are still closed. The reservoir is strongly overgrown by recent years, and the remains of these algae in some areas form islets-congestions that obstruct wiring.

In my hands a light spinning with a test of 3-15g and a medium string. In addition to fishing, the obligatory fishing program includes watering of some novelty baits purchased during the winter.

A single pass along a vast shoal is raiding several new ultralight wobblers and turntables. But jokes aside! The place at the end of the cord is occupied by the main fighter of this pond, thunderstorm of pike and perch – white Relax Kopyto 1.5-shnogo size (5cm).

The best bait of the pond

For 4 or 5 seasons, which I use this micro-burning bait, the score of the tails caught in this lake already reaches 1000 !!! A true leader. No other bait from my arsenal and close shows such efficiency in this lake.

Spring Shoal

Spring Pike

I try to deliver the bait as far as possible – closer to the center of the shallows. Fortunately, the range contributes to compact bait and a relatively thin cord 0.11mm from the “Silver Creek”. Obviously, the pike does not readily approach the shore itself due to the unusually low water level.

I make casts “fan”. Somewhere on the 10th wire, closer to the coastal bushes, I get a kick, I see a glittering pike, but a descent. I do a new cast in the same place – immediately bite! Well, a fool … I jabbed, went down and immediately again pecked.

I advance further along the bank of the shallows. The shore was heavily overgrown with thick bush. Only in a few places there are passageways, where you can get close to the water and somehow how to cast.

On the next section, on a long throw again bite. And again on “Hoof” … The poke is not large, but brisk – even the friction triggered a couple of times from her jerks. Well, this is a good sign. The fish is more active every day, which means that the biting should also increase.

Pike on a micro jig

And at the end of the fishing, closer to the beach on vibrochvik, pozarilsya and “real crocodile” … photo below 🙂 Of course, he went home, grow up and to call my hook a real crocodile 🙂

Letting go of the fish - Grow!

P.S. By the way, when cutting one of the pikes, a large goose was found in the stomach – a dragonfly larva. So, not a single fish live pike in the spring.