The preloaded spinner

The preloaded spinner All the May holidays, I was not up to fishing. I went with a friend to travel around Ukraine. Since this blog is NOT about trains, streets, hotels, attractions and beer :), then back to our sheep. Or rather – to fish.

I did not have time to get off the train, which brought me home, as I planned the forthcoming trip to fishing. I went to the lake to the river Seim. On the track itself, I decided to get out closer to the middle of May, when the peak of the departure of the May beetle begins and the chub must be activated. Now, I wanted to devote a couple of fishing to spinning on floodplain lakes.

By the way, I boast about a new thing – polarizing anti-glare glasses. I had never liked black glasses before, but the advertising and the stories of colleagues about their capabilities still persuaded me to buy. On trial, I took a simple model from Solano. Yes, indeed in such glasses, objects in the water, especially against the sun, are much better viewed. Of course, this is not a way to look into the mysterious depths, but still the advantage – for example, already “in a dull” do not plant a bait on a snag that protrudes near the surface itself, etc. So, I’m happy with the glasses. But in the photo, in fact, I’m in them, I collect spinning.

I'm in the Polariks

Spring is late. The beginning of May, and there are no leaves on trees and bushes as such … Here is the first lake on my route. Dull, gray. But let’s hope that this is only outside, and inside me waiting for active toothed and striped predators.

Spring Lake

I begin to harvest coastal shoals, which later become overgrown. I change the micro-burner to a wobble, a wobble to a wobble, a wobble to a wobbler… And those on! On the first cast, I dig a sinking Salmo Hornet 4, a small pike. Voblerok dived under the coastline and just, somewhere on the rise was attacked. A trifle, but nice. Woblerku set off!

Has divided the Hornet from Salmo

But with one bite, the wobbler limited himself. Further, the place at the end of the leash was occupied by a self-made anteroptical rotor of the “Master” type. And start pecking! For half an hour 2 pikes and 5 !!! Gatherings. I was both upset and happy at the same time. I am glad that I have not caught my most popular bait, but I’m upset by the number of gatherings.

Pike on the turntable

And again the turntable worked

As a result – 2 pikes per turntable and one per wobbler. Of course, it was decided to replace the tee on the turntables by the next exit. Established “VMC” simply could not cope…

Catch on the turntable

Well, by the next fishing I put on the turntables Japanese tees Hayabusa. And they coped very well! I must say that I went to the same lake in a day. There were about a dozen bites and only two gatherings. But only 6 pike were taken, and the rest – released, for their smallness … The catch is “not ah,” the pike is too small, but then the preloaded turntables were fired. I used to be suspicious of them somehow. And it was worthwhile to achieve such a number of bites at full zero on the favorite micro-burn, as I immediately believed in this bait.

The spinner was a brass matted silvered petal, the tail of the tee with red wool or rain, a small load (5-7 g) in the shape of a fish head, the tee was fixed to the spinner’s axis with a black or red thermophyte tube. Here is a portrait of my working turntables.

Well, a little lyrical digression. Remember the fisherman: let the toad do not press, but pleases the eye. On the shore of the lake I found a hole in the sand, and there this cool lyagva. I must say, the frog was in a trance and sat like a sphinx. I wiggled her wand, but there was no reaction. I photographed the beauty and went on to kill the fish…

Decorative frog

And by the evening a thunderstorm broke out… Perhaps from that frog and was in such a coma.

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